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… and that’s what fall prevention is all about – reducing the risk of losing your balance and the pain, inconvenience, and debilitating results that accompany them.

Remember Humpty Dumpty?

Human beings, especially older ones, break when they fall too and even though medicine is making great strides, they  may NEVER be able to put you back as good as you were before you fell.

If you’re afraid, you’re not alone!

One of the most common fears of older adults is the fear of falling. Not only do you want to avoid the possible injury that falling might bring, but also avoid being an inconvenience to your family. Mostly though, you don’t want to lose the ability to maintain your independent way of life.

Here’s the good news: Over 50% of all falls can be prevented!

Here’s what fall prevention involves:

  • Education is empowering. Learning about things that increase the risk of a fall gives YOU the power to change and make safer choices. 
  • Exercise is essential to control your body. Fall prevention research demonstrates that staying active is the #1 way to prevent falls.
    • Incorporate 4 types of exercise to improve balance and prevent falls
    • Be consistent.  Be consistent.  Be consistent.
  • Early detection. Get the body systems involved in balance checked regularly.  Muscles and Senses both change with age so the earlier a problem is detected, the better. 

The value of independence is priceless…


“EVERYONE over the age of 50 needs to take The Fall Prevention Lady’s classes; her tips help me in my everyday life”~ Dorothy, age 72

“I learned more from you in one hour than any physical therapist or doctor every told me in 10 years.  Outstanding presentation”~ Maxine, age 84

“Kelly is passionate about helping us.  She doesn’t read a script, check off a box and leave; she listens, she has made a career out of helping people not fall down!  I learned more in ninety-minutes than any other fall prevention program”~Jim, age 81.  Parkinson Disease Support Group

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