Services for Older Adults

Customized fall prevention workshops, balance training classes and in-home personal training available for
older adults, senior service healthcare providers.
Evidence-based content. Results-driven focus.

Fall Prevention 101 Workshop

  • Dynamic
  • Educational
  • Evidence-Based
  • Practical and applicable
  • Customized to meet audience needs

In this interactive fall prevention workshop, Kelly increases awareness of things that cause falls while shedding new light on the balance system. She offers techniques proven to increase stability and improve balance, while at HOME! The crowd’s energy and laughter fuel her passion for helping mature adults so they DON’T FALL DOWN!

FallProof Balance and Mobility Training Classes

“My balance isn’t what it used to be”, “I just feel wobbly”, or you may have fallen recently. If you can relate to any of those conditions or if you’re just concerned about your balance and want to increase strength, learn age-appropriate balance exercises and feel more stable, you don’t want to miss the next FallProof™ training session.

  • Ninety-minute classes meet twice a week for four-weeks (8 sessions)
  • Age-appropriate movement strategies
  • Multi-sensory, progressively challenging activities
  • Strength-based approach to customized needs

Eligibility: Live independently within community, ambulate at least 200’ without assistive device. Cognitively intact. No uncontrolled medical conditions. Ideal for older adults living at home who may be a bit ‘deconditioned’ and are ready to do something about it. Invest wisely and remain independent; live the life you worked so hard to enjoy and give peace of mind to relatives.

Customized Staff Training

Sometimes the best answer is an objective opinion from an expert in the field; an unbiased professional seeking best practical solutions to increase older adult safety. I offer train-the-trainer programs that provide a solid foundation in fall prevention education and fundamentals of balance training.

  • Customized Staff Training Programs
  • Employee Education Programs

Invest in your staff by offering evidence-based fall prevention and balance training techniques that will enhance the quality of service provided within your community while promoting your facility’s reputation for providing outstanding fall risk reduction services. I guarantee satisfaction in staff’s ability to apply injury prevention strategies taught in my train-the-trainer programs.

In-Home Fitness and Balance Training:

30-mile radius of Fair Oaks, CA

Comprehensive fall prevention services provided in the comfort of your home. Fall risk assessment and personalized exercise program designed to improve balance and stability according to your unique situation. Ongoing evaluation to help you meet your goals and thrive in your home. Perfect gift for mom or dad, husband or wife. Package discounts and couple training available. 30-mile radius within Fair Oaks, CA.

Comprehensive fall prevention services provided in the comfort of your home.
  • Personalized Assessment
  • Program Development
  • Ongoing Evaluation

Meet your goals and thrive in your home!

Perfect gift for Mom or Dad, your grandparents, all family members, loved ones, neighbors, friends. Package Discounts. Couple Training. Small Group. 45-mile radius of Fair Oaks, CA.

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Kelly Ward, The Fall Prevention Lady, specializes in fall prevention services and education for groups and individuals throughout the United States, including Sacramento, Fair Oaks, San Francisco, Fairfield, San Diego, El Dorado, Folsom & Carmichael, CA and surrounding cities.

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