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Brain Exercise Therapist and Neuro-Performance Coach.

Using applied neuro-anatomy and applied neuro-physiology techniques, I assess movement patterns to determine areas of the brain that need to be activated or inhibited. Comprehensive neural testing includes sensory and motor activation to further identify dysfunctional areas of the brain and to provide precise drills to give the brain what it needs for optimal performance. Results are immediate however you must continue to do the drills to make the changes stick.

Private sessions provide thorough testing and personalized attention to your specific needs. Every brain is different and therefore every brain has different needs. Through sensory and motor activation of cranial nerves, the cerebellum, the cortices, you are provided precise drills that improve the function of your brain and ultimately, your balance.

I teach small group “Brains and Balance Fall Prevention” classes that combine Z-Health Performance applied neuro-anatomy and applied neuro-physiology drills with FallProof™ balance and mobility techniques. These classes are ONLY for older adults who are at risk of falling and live independently in the community.

PS… It’s never too late to improve your balance and change the way you move through life; MOVEMENT IS LIFE!

img_1579 Kelly Jo Ward

A Movement Re-Educator.

As a movement specialist, I help people break poor movement patterns and learn how to move more efficiently. A seasoned personal trainer specializing in mature clients, I strive to stay current in the science of human movement. My professional mentors include Dr. Debra Rose of FallProof and the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, Dr. Gary Grey of Gray Institute, Dr. Cobb of Z-Health as well as other proven movement and fitness professionals.

If you know anyone who wants to move without pain, have more energy, and feel more stable; have them contact me, Kelly Ward!

The Fall Prevention Lady.

As a public speaker, published author, respected consultant and experienced senior fitness instructor, it is my mission to empower mature adults to take responsibility for their health throughout the aging process. Education is power. I teach you about the brain and what it needs to function. I teach exercises that activate areas of the brain necessary for independent living. I teach mature adults how to move better, see better and balance better so they can stay safe and remain independent; providing peace of mind and confidence to live the life you have worked so hard to enjoy.

I am a:
  • Brain Exercise Therapist
  • Neuro-Performance Coach
  • Movement Re-Educator and Integration Specialist
  • Professional Balance and Mobility Instructor
  • Public Speaker, Published Author and DVD Creator

MISSION: To provide educational products, brain-based fall prevention services and evidence-based balance training techniques proven to minimize fall risk, increase balance confidence and improve quality of life for older adults who may unknowingly be at risk of a fall.

A Survivor.

At 17 years of age, I was hit and run over by two cars. Not only were my femur and pelvis shattered but also my dreams of being a NCAA Division 1 collegiate basketball scholarship athlete. By the grace of God, I awoke from a coma with all my faculties. I endured hours of painful physical therapy and learned to walk again. My hard work and dedication paid off; I played in the final basketball game of my senior year and earned a full scholarship to Division I College.

An Oral Cancer Survivor.

At the age of 45, I had a stage 2 cancerous lesion removed from my tongue. Within three months, the cancer spread to the lymph nodes in my neck. Now diagnosed with Stage 4 oral cancer, my UCDavis team and I chose the aggressive treatment route; bilateral neck dissection, six-weeks of radiation and 4 rounds of chemotherapy. I am so blessed to be alive, all I can say is that as a public speaker, I KNOW He’s not finished with me yet!


B.S., Public Health Education, September, 1993, Magna cum laude
West Chester University, West Chester, PA

M.S, Therapeutic Aging, December, 2010, Summa Cum Laude
CSUS, Sacramento, CA

Applied Neuro-Anatomy/Applied Neuro-Physiology Master Practitioner, June, 2017-Present
University Z-Health, Phoenix, AZ

Kelly Ward, The Fall Prevention Lady, provides brain-based fall prevention workshops and brain-based balance training classes for older adults throughout the United States, including Sacramento, Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Carmichael and surrounding California cities.

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